Landscape Photography

I was born and raised in Atlantic Canada; from my birthplace in Newfoundland to my childhood years in Cape Breton and adult life in Mainland Nova Scotia. Like many young people, the excitement of moving away for employment was appealing. These experiences were rewarding in many ways. One of those was to give me the realization of my deep-rooted love for the extraordinary gift we have in our region; friendly people and spectacular scenery.

I developed a deep-seated desire to capture the spectacular beauty of our surroundings here in Atlantic Canada. I love the process of landscape photography; from planning trips and scouting locations at the seaside, dockside, beachside, street-side; together with, seeking out stillness, lighting conditions, and weather patterns, tides, etc., that will help me work a style that fits the mood of the scene culminating in taking the shot.

I strive to capture those brief moments of dramatic light and weather, which make our grand landscapes in the Atlantic Region so special. I am continually working to hone my skills by pushing my boundaries, and limits, creating unique images of our region through my eyes for your enjoyment.

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